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How To Grow Your Small Business Using Google Products

Everyone knows Google as the search engine to endless amounts of information! Maybe you already use Google by having your business posted for your customers and clients to see your website, hours, contact information, and address. But, did you know that Google offers a plethora of other products that can help you grow and organize your small business? Best of all, it’s FREE! You can easily grow your business using Google and their services for absolutely no investment! Read below for some of Boost Virtual Assistance LLC’s favorite features that Google offers which will help grow your business instantly.

  1. Google Drive: Google Drive offers storage for all of the documents you need for your business. You can upload PDF files, Word Documents, or create new files using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. We will dig into each of those offerings in upcoming blogs to show you how you can use them to enhance your business. From here, you can begin to organize files by categories, clients, projects, or whatever topic you choose. One major feature that we love about Google Drive is that you can access your documents on any device where you can sign in to Google Drive! That means you can pull up the same spreadsheet or document on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop and view or edit at any time and anywhere! Another great feature about Google Drive is that you can create shared drives with your team members so that everyone has access to documents for daily business! This means that teams can work more effectively and efficiently throughout the work day through shared team drives.

  2. Google Meet: Google Meet offers free video chatting! Meet with potential clients, current clients, and/or employees through this virtual meeting room to save time and travel expenses! Through Google Meet you can start instant meetings and share meet links, or schedule future Google Meets and add them with your Google Calendar and invite clients and people to the meet. This is a great way to schedule weekly work meetings or monthly client meetings in advance, allowing you to organize your workweek and meetings in one seamless way. Google Meet also has the option to blur or change backgrounds for people who feel more comfortable protecting their privacy within their home.

  3. Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a great way to share your schedule with employees and clients virtually! You can allow people to view your calendar in order to see when you are available and to request meetings with you during those available times; you can accept or reject these requests for meetings through your Gmail account! You may also color code your calendar to help identify what your day is spent doing most and prioritize your tasks at the right time of the day. Google Calendar has endless opportunities for time management and scheduling with your business!

  4. Google Keep: Google Keep acts as a virtual “sticky note” for your to-do lists! The best part, you won’t lose your sticky notes throughout the week because they will be saved to your Google Keep drive. You can personalize these to-do lists through color and labeling so that you can track projects and responsibilities through these color-coded identifiers. Another great advantage of Google Keep is that you can add collaborators to your to-do lists. This allows teams to work on common projects and have a consolidated list of what needs to be done next.

  5. Gmail: Gmail is Google’s version of email. You will need to have a gmail account in order to use all of the products listed above! A major advantage of gmail is its flexibility and ability to personalize the inbox to what your business needs! You can include labels, change the order in which emails appear in your inbox, and even schedule emails for future times. Gmail allows for seamless integration between your drive, meets, calendar, keep, and many other Google products. It is the wheel that keeps your business moving forward and growing!

I truly hope this blog was helpful with identifying how Google can help to advance and organize your small business. Comment on this blog post with how you plan to use Google to Boost your productivity, Boost your progress, and Boost your business!

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